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Research Vessel "Bilim"

The Institute of Marine Sciences' main research vessel Bilim was designed as an oceanographic vessel and was launched in 1983. Steel hull, Length: 40.36 m, Beam: 9.47 m, Tonnage: 433 gross, 190 net tons, Draft: 3.80m, Speed: 11.5 knots max, 9.5 knots cruising, 1.0 knot min, Range: 6500 miles, Propulsion: MWM diesel, 820 HP, variable-pitch propeller, Schafran bridge control unit, fuel capacity 120 m3. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is used for navigation. The vessel also has conventional radar with 60 miles range. The ship has central partial air conditioning and central heating.
The R/V Bilim-2 (Bilim before 2006) has quarters for a crew of 12, and can support a scientific party of 14 for a period of about 45 days at sea.
9x8 m2 lab space is available on the main deck for analytical and wet labs, where chemical, and nutrient analyses are carried out. A data-collection and processing room, equipped with computers, IEEE-488 interface, A/D converters, parallel/serial interfaces, accommodating deck units of various instruments, is located adjacent to the labs. Biology, and optical labs, and small machine-shop are located below the deck.

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