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Research Vessels

Research Vessel "Salsabil & Yarmouk":

The Institute owns and operates two twin Research Vessels of medium-size (31 m length, 8 m width and 3.15 m draft with a total of 17 berths and total tonnage of 193 tons each).
The R/V "Salsabil" works mainly in the Mediterranean Sea, while its sister ship "Yarmouk" works mainly in the Red Sea region.
These vessels "Yarmouk" and "Salsabil" are equipped with a number of modern instruments which are used effectively in studying the Various Aquatic Environments by collecting samples of water, sediments and biota. They are also used for new fishing grounds in the Egyptian terrestrial waters.  
equipments that are fitted on the R/V "Salsabil"  and could also are made available onboard "Yarmouk", when deemed necessary.
Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Recorder (CTD).
Hydro lab for measuring Chlorophyll II, Salinity, Temperature and nutrients.
"QTC" equipment for studying and observing the sea bed.
"PH" meter and equipment for measuring water turbidity on various depths.
Fishing and plankton nets for collecting life samples from depths.
Navigational Equipment, including: Echo-sounders for measuring the sea depth and it topography.
Global Position System (GPS) for determining samples locations.

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