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Understanding the Problems of Inland Waters: Case Study for the Caspian Basin
12-14 May 2018; Baku-Azerbaijan

Understanding the Problems of Inland Waters: Case Study for the Caspian Basin
11 May 2018; Baku-Azerbaijan

Marine Sonar and Seismic Survey
Course Program

Training Course on Development of Aquaculture Production and Technologies for the
INOC member states (TUNISIA)

Abstract Book of "The Climate Chance And The Caspian Sea" Workshop/Training 7-13 May 2016,  Tehran (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Proceedings of The International Congress on ‘’Estuaries and Costal Protected Areas’’ECPA (İzmir – Turkey, 04 – 06 November 2014)

Workshop report on" Mediterranean Vermetid Terraces and the Status of Lessepsian Migration “Beirut / LEBANON,  19- 21 December 2002.

Report on the organisation of the Training Course on qualitative and quantitative determination of Algal Toxins.

International Workshop proceedings on "Marine Pollution and the Impacts of Seawater Desalination plants on the  coastal environment”, Dubai / UAE, 01-03 December 2003, pp 333-2004.

International Workshop proceedings on "Marine & Coastal Protected Areas", 23-25 March 2005, Meknes-Morocco, published  in July 2005, pp 687.

International Workshop proceedings on "The protection of Coastal & Marine Environment“, 09-11 November  2005, Izmir-Turkey, pp.274.

International Conference proceedings on" Coastal Oceanography & Sustainable  Marine Aquaculture-Confluence Synergy”, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 02-04 May 2006, pp.563.

International Seminar proceedings on" International on Coastal Water Management  & Sustainable Use of Marine Resources", Dakar-Senegal, 14-16 November 2006, pp 324.

International Conference proceedings on" Rapid urbanization and land use conflicts in coastal cities, Aqaba- Jordan,  30 October-01 November 2007, pp 434.

International Conference proceedings on " Modeling and Monitoring of Marine pollution, Kish Island , Iran, 01-03  December 2008, pp 531-2009.

International Workshop proceedings on "Integrated Coastal Zone Management", Izmir- TURKEY, 20-22 October 2009,  pp.536.

Second international colloquium on" Biodiversity & Coastal Ecosystems", 28-30 November, 2010,  Oran-ALGERIA.

International Conference  on  "Biodiversity of the Aquatic Environment " towards a diverse  and sustainable world”,13-15 December, 2010, Lattakia, SYRIA.

International Symposium on "Marine Ecosystems, Natural Products and their Bioactive Metabolites"  25-27 October 2011, Bogor, INDONESIA.

International Conference on Land-Sea Interactions in the Coastal Zone LANDSI- 2012 "Byblos-LEBANON, November 06-08, 2012 ABSTRACT BOOK

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