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Vision Statement

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The INOC envisions:

  • to have all the OIC countries as members in the Network;

  • to review the existing facilities in the Islamic countries on oceanographic research, recommend that basic facilities be established in countries, where at the present non exists, and the facilities in the existing institutes be further improved by acquiring advanced technology;

  • to develop, recommend and coordinate the activities of Islamic countries involved in marine affairs for:

- a better understanding of the ocean environment through science and technology and the exploitation and development of ocean resources;

- approval of the research and development plans and programmes for the ocean sciences;

- recommending research and development projects of interest to various institutes/organizations in the Islamic countries and assessment of priorities among such projects;

- coordinating effectively ocean with a view to ensure efficient use of common services, including the use of research vessels;

- recommending means and methods for effective utilization of the research results by the Islamic countries;

- reviewing the implementation and progress of oceanographic research and development programmes;

- constituting task forces for specific purposes to meet hazards from the seas.

  • to make its mark in the global area as the representative organization of the Ummah and make meaningful contributions in all important regional and international deliberations on the exploitation and development of ocean resources;

  • to establish and update an Islamic Oceanographic Data Centre (IODC) in the Islamic countries and develop the linkages with global Network and coordinate with National Oceanographic Data Centres ( NODC ) of the other countries;

  • to develop a comprehensive plan to enhance training facilities to meet the training manpower requirement in the Islamic countries. Oceanography will be introduced right from the school, college and university level in order to produce training scientists and technicians to support oceanographic investigation and research programme of individual Islamic country.

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