Current Underwater Archaeological Research in Tipaza – Algeria

Dr. Khellaf Rafik is an associate professor and head of the Historical and Archaeological Studies Laboratory at the University Center of Tipaza. He is responsible for the research team in coastal and maritime archaeology. Doctor in archeology, conservation, and restoration, he specializes in managing and protecting cultural heritage in general, and coastal and underwater cultural heritage in particular. Dr. Khellaf held several administrative and scientific positions, first at the national office for managing and exploiting protected cultural heritage, before joining the University of Chlef, then the University Center of Tipaza, in addition to his intense associative activity. He is indeed the president of the national underwater archeology commission, affiliated with the Algerian Federation of Rescue, First Aid, and Underwater Activities. Dr. Khellaf has several national and international scientific articles and communications, most of them on the theme of coastal and marine cultural assets.